Chandra is the intelligent Quality Inspection system that examines, interprets, and makes decisions with the same ability of an expert operator.

Chandra learns by example, makes choices to interpret quality in complex situations and tolerates natural variations in every production context.

Illustrazione Chandra X

Adapted to every industry, Chandra X is the intelligent machine for Quality Inspection that utilizes Machine Learning algorithms.

Chandra X integrates a variable number of cameras, optics, and illuminators on structures designed ad hoc. The machine reconstructs the image coming from the cameras, applies Machine Learning algorithms in order to identify anomalies and manages the expulsion of defective components.

Illustrazione Chandra Brain

Chandra Brain is cloud based software, useful for extraction and analysis of time series, autonomous configuration of algorithms and training.

Chandra Brain connects with all of the Chandra machines, independently from the location, and makes a large amount of data available that will be used to train more performing mathematical models.

Why give up advantages when you can have all of them?

Machine Learning combines the reliability and precision of traditional vision that quickly inspects large amounts of data with the human ability to learn from examples to evaluate and decide on a case-by-case basis whether a small anomaly is important.
Chandra combines the precision of traditional vision and the flexibility of human control in one machine.

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